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Wilshire Talent Showcase

Our virtual Wilshire Talent Showcase is coming up on the evening of December 10. Students who want to show off their talents are encouraged to share a video of 1 minute or less that will be included in our talent show.

If you want to submit a video of your child, here is how you do it:

  1. If using a Smartphone to record your video, turn your phone sideways (landscape). That will make sure that the video fills the screen when it is displayed on a computer screen.
  2. Once the video is recorded, upload it to your child’s school Google drive. Name it with your child’s name and “Talent Show”. For example, the video could be called “Kelly B and Bobby D Talent Show”.
  3. Once it is uploaded to the Google Drive. Click to Share it with Mr. Barlow. If you type in “Barlow”, Mr. Barlow’s account should show up:
  4. Please email Mr. Barlow or send a note to school indicating that you as a parent give consent for your child’s video to appear in the talent show broadcast. If we do not have parent consent, we cannot share your child’s likeness in our broadcast.
  5. That’s it! You are ready to be part of our Virtual Talent Showcase

All videos must be submitted by December 1st. Get ready to celebrate our talented Wilshire students!

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Info for Grade 8 Families – Secondary School Virtual Open Houses

Transitioning to secondary school is an exciting time, and you may have many questions about what to expect. While secondary schools are unable to host in-person open houses this year, students and families are invited to virtually visit our secondary schools. Learn more about transitioning to secondary school, what to expect in Grade 9 and get to know the school.

Information will be posted on each school’s website or check the Board website for information night dates and additional information.

You can also visit for information about secondary school programs, course selection and more.

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Dear Parents,

Fortnite is an online video game that has recently become very popular with our students. In the game, many of our students are communicating with each other and playing with and against each other. Unfortunately, we are seeing several negative consequences as a result of students’ preoccupation with this game. We have been made aware of several situations with students taking money or gift cards from each other in exchange for winning and losing in the game, or in exchange for buying items in the game. Students are getting pre-paid Visa gift cards from the store and using them to make purchases in the game or pay each other, usually without parent knowledge. This has also led to several conflicts between students here at school.

We want to make parents aware of some of the negative impacts of the game that we are seeing at school. If your child plays Fortnite, please have a conversation with them about gambling and the importance of not adding money to a game or giving money to or taking money from other children at school. Please also monitor your child’s use of the game and what kind of interactions they are having with others.

Thank you,

Mr. Barlow

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Staff Parking Lot


The Wilshire Staff Parking Lot is located on the West side of the school. With the snow coming and reduced parking spaces, we have to reserve these spots for staff members. We have also had reports of unsafe situations for students walking through the parking lot with parents pulling in and out of spaces at the end of the day.

For student safety, we will be closing the gate to this parking lot in the afternoons. Parents, please make arrangements with your child to meet them at another location after school. Parents cannot park in this lot in the afternoons to wait for their children.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Parent Teacher Interviews

Dear Wilshire Parents,

Our Virtual Parent-Teacher Interviews will be conducted this evening and Friday morning. If you have not already signed up for a 15 minute interview block, the scheduler is now closed. You will need to contact the teacher directly and make arrangements for a phone interview at another time.

The teacher should provide you with a link or Room nickname to enter the Google Meet. Each parent only has 15 minutes and then another parent will be joining the Meet, so please keep your conversations concise. Should you need more time, please make arrangements with the teacher for a phone conversation at another time.

If you are having technical difficulties with the Google Meet, please email the teacher to let them know and arrangements can be made for a phone conversation at another time. Please do not call the school if you are having difficulties, as many of the teachers will be hosting their interviews from home and will not be accessible at the school.

Thank you!

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This Week at Wilshire

Hello Wilshire Families,

Here are some reminders and notices about upcoming events at Wilshire.

  1. Thank you to everyone who submitted a donation online to support our purchasing of technology for student use in the classroom. We are still accepting donations. Tax receipts will be given for any donation of $25 or over. If you are interested in supporting the school and have not had a chance yet, please go to and click on “Make a Donation”. You will require your child’s student number to log in. Thank you for your continued support!

2. The Scheduler for Parent-Teacher Interviews will be closed on the morning of Wednesday, November 11. If you have not already booked an interview, please be sure to log in to Edsby and select a 15 minute block of time to meet with your child’s homeroom teacher. All meetings will be done virtually on the evening of November 12 and morning of November 13. Teachers will share their Google Meet link directly with parents. Parents must use their child’s YRDSB Google account to log in.

3. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, this year’s Remembrance Day ceremony will be conducted virtually in classrooms rather than full school assembly. Students will still be learning about Remembrance Day and honouring those Canadians who fought for our freedoms. Thank you to Mrs. Byrne and Mrs. Raso for organizing our virtual presentation.

4. Does your child have a special talent? Are they musical, funny, athletic? Can they do magic or solve a Rubik’s Cube? We are looking for talented Wilshire students to be part of our first ever Virtual Talent Showcase. Students can submit a video of one minute or less demonstrating their talent (with parental permission). All of the videos will be shared at our Virtual Talent Showcase on Thursday, December 10 at 7:00. More details will be coming!

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Virtual Parent-Teacher Interviews

The parent-teacher interview scheduler is now open for parents. When you log in to Edsby, you will see a message giving your directions. Please see this link if you need assistance scheduling your interview:

Parent-teacher interviews are on the evening of Thursday, November 12 and morning of Friday, November 13. Interviews will be conducted virtually. You must select your 15 minute interview block through Edsby to meet with your child’s homeroom teacher. If you wish to speak to a teacher that is not your child’s homeroom teacher, please contact them directly to arrange a time to speak.

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Gr. 8 Student and Parent Info Night – Westmount C.I.

The Gr. 8 Student and Parent/Guardian Annual

Gr. 9 Virtual Information Evening

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Evening’s Agenda

7:00 to 7:30 p.m.

Main Event: Introduction to your High School Adventure

Link to access our virtual Information Night will be posted

on our school website by noon on November 10. 

7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Ask a teacher! Each department will have a virtual classroom open so that you can ask subject specific questions – including Guidance and Administration. Links will be posted on the school website by noon on November 10.