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Bell Let’s Talk…January 26th

Dear Wilshire Families,

COVID-19 has presented unprecedented issues and concerns for our community, our country and the world. As we focus on keeping our families and ourselves healthy, we must also keep ourselves mentally well. The uncertainty, significant alterations to daily routines and structures, and changes to social interactions with important people in our lives can result in accumulated stress.

 What are we doing at Wilshire?

  1. We continue to promote a sense of belonging.
  2. Students and staff practice gratitutde, mindfulness and wellness reflections throughout the day.
  3. School Wide Virtual Assemblies focusing on empathy, optimism, honouring and remembering history, belonging, excellence in learning, school spirit, and kindness.
  4. Opportunities to learn, grow and come together in our Wilshire Library Learning Commons (in person and through the Wilshire Virtual Library)
  5. Happier January Challenge! We encourage our students, families and staff to consider these daily challenges through January.

This week there will be an increased focus on well-being. Bell Let’s Talk Day is happening on January 26th. Connecting, talking, listening, and taking action are imperative to making a difference for our students. Helping to end the stigma around mental illness can help people seek the help they need and create a positive change. One of the biggest hurdles for anyone suffering from mental illness is overcoming the stigma of having a problem and asking for help. It is the number one reason why two-thirds of those living with mental health do not seek help. Together we can strive to make things a little better each and every day.

What can you do? Linked you will find a Bingo Board with various activities you can do at home as a family. Engaging in and talking about well-being activities can promote dialogue, thinking, and action. Some of the items on the Bingo Board may need to be adapted to suit the needs of your family. Come up with different activities/actions together and see what a difference they can make.

For more ideas and insights, visit You can also visit to find resources that support mental health, well-being, and coping. 

Let’s keep talking, let’s reduce the stigma, and let’s make a difference!

Janine Franklin

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Safety in the Bus Loop

The safety of our students and staff at morning arrival and afternoon dismissal is important to us! We encourage all families to use active travel, including walking to and from school.

If you must drive your child to/from school, for the safety of all, we are asking drivers to adhere to these simple rules for drop-off and pick-up:

  • If at all possible, drop your child off on a side street and have them walk the short distance to the school. Coldwater Court and Forest Lane Drive both have paths that go directly into the school yard so children can walk safely into the school and avoid the parking lot traffic and the traffic on Beverley Glen.
  • The parking lot on the West side of the school is for Staff Parking. It is not for student drop-offs in the morning or pick-ups in the afternoon. We have had more than one close call with children almost being hit by people backing up out of parking spots or pulling in at the end of the day. Please arrange another pick-up point with your child at the end of the day and use the Kiss and Ride at the front of the school for morning drop-off.

Here are reminders for parents who are using the Kiss and Ride area to drop off students. Please share this information with others who are responsible for dropping off or picking up your children:

  • Please pull up past the crosswalk and into the hatched marked “Kiss and Ride” area to drop off your child (one lane closest to the sidewalk and school).
  • Please make sure your child is ready to leave the car promptly and independently when you stop. They should already have their belongings in their hands so they can jump out quickly and not keep others waiting.
  • If you need to put your car in Park and get out to help your child, please pull into a parking spot to do this. The Kiss and Ride area is just for quick dropping off of children.
  • Please have your child(ren) exit from the passenger side of the car for their own safety.
  • If you are just dropping off, please don’t pull over to the side of the area. If you pull to the side, people will pass around you.
  • Please do not pass other cars in the Kiss and Ride area. Children could be getting out on the driver’s side and get hit. Please wait until you are past the Kiss and Ride zone to go around cars.
  • At PICK UP time, the Kiss ‘N Ride loop is ONLY used for bus and taxi pick up.  If you drive your car to pick up your child from school, you will need to park your car safely on the road.  Please obey the parking signs on the street and refrain from blocking the crosswalk. Please DO NOT park you car in the Kiss ‘N ride loop leave your car to pick up your child.
  • Do not make a three-point turn in front of school entrances, off Beverley Glen Blvd., or anywhere in the school’s “Kiss’N Ride” loop.

We recognize parking on the side streets is challenging with all the snow this week. Thank you in advance for valuing these safety protocols.


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Today was a GREAT Day!

Thank you to all our staff, students and families for making today a fantastic return to school. It was wonderful to see all the Wilshire school community together again.

You may be hearing stories of SNOW MOUNTAINS. Recess and lunch were great fun building forts and snowman, sliding and digging. The giggles and excitement were awesome. This may not be the mountain in our Wilshire playground, but for some of our students, this is what it felt like!

Snow Mountain Pictures [Stunning!] | Download Free Images on Unsplash

As the weather continues to shift to colder temperatures, please be sure to dress your children to stay warm. Please be sure to send with your child:

  • indoor shoes (if they don’t already have)
  • hat, mittens, scarves
  • boots
  • warm coat and snow pants
Dressing for Cold Weather | The Weather Gamut

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YRDSB Schools Closed on January 18th

Good Evening Wilshire Families!

Due to today’s significant snowfall and continuing conditions of roads, sidewalks and school parking lots, all York Region District School Board schools will continue to be closed to students on January 18, 2022.

As this will be the second inclement weather day of the school year, the following will apply:

  • All elementary and secondary schools will be closed to students.
  • Students will learn remotely (synchronous learning) for the day.

For more information, including information on when schools and Board locations are re-opening, visit or follow us on Twitter @YRDSB.  Be safe everyone!

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School Closed Today

Good Morning Families!

You may have already seen or heard the news, but it is officially an Inclement Weather Day for YRDSB. School is CLOSED to students and all transportation is CANCELLED.

Teachers will be posting asynchronous material for students to work through today at their own pace. This work can be found on Google Classroom.

We look forward to seeing everyone back at school tomorrow (January 18th)! Please contact us through email today if you have any questions or concerns.

Stay safe!

YRDSB email to families from January 16, 2022:

As noted in our earlier communication to families, this year, when an inclement weather day is declared, school transportation will be cancelled and schools will be closed to students. If an inclement weather day is declared, please do not send your child to school. We are unable to guarantee appropriate coverage for students on incleme nt weather days when school transportation is closed and classes cannot be combined. In previous years, schools have remained open when school transportation is cancelled, however, given the importance of adhering to our health and safety guidelines, schools will be closed to students on inclement weather days. 

Announcements will be posted as early as possible and no later than 6:00 a.m. Please check the following for updates: 

  • Student Transportation Services
  • Student Transportation Hotline: 1-877-330-3001
  • @YRDSB Twitter account
  • Board website ( and school websites
  • Radio and TV media outlets

Please continue to monitor local media for up to date weather forecasts and take safety precautions advised by local authorities. 

Our priority continues to be the safety of our students, staff members and families.

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From the Office

We are happy to welcome students back to in person learning on Monday.   Please be reminded that school begins at 8:55am with early entry starting at 8:40am.  Dismissal is at 3:15pm. We ask that parents wear masks once on school property and that parents and students practice social distancing. Students will continue to enter the building in their designated locations as we did prior to the winter break. Please note important information for our return to Wilshire:

NEW Health and Safety Measures!

There are some new health and safety measures in place, including:

  • Please complete the UPDATED COVID-19 School Screening Tool for each child prior to sending your child to school.
  • Once the screening tool has been completed, please submit the COVID-19 Screening Confirmation Form for EACH child. You will need to sign in using your child(ren)’s gapps user name and password.
  • If the confirmation form is not completed by 9:15am parents will receive an email and/or phone call reminder. 
  • Additional information can be found on the Board website at The form must to be completed for each student.

Anyone experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms is required to remain home and follow the isolation guidelines outlined in the screening tool above.


Masks are now required for ALL students from JK to Gr. 8 in all indoor areas (e.g., classroom, halls, gym, etc.). Three-layer masks are highly recommended at this time.  During eating times when masks are not being worn, students must remain in their own seat/desk and refrain from talking. When finished eating or wanting to speak, students need to put their masks back on. 

Remote Learning 

If you would like to have your child learning virtually from home with their classroom (Hybrid Model) please email the school at  We would like to avoid frequent moves between models, where possible, but will allow families to stay remote until they are comfortable returning to in person learning.  

Technology Return

If your child borrowed a Chromebook device in order to access online learning please return it to school on Monday January 17th, as the devices belong to our classrooms and students use them throughout the day in order to complete assigned work. Please be sure to return the chromebook and charging cable to your child’s teacher in the bag provided or a clearly labelled bag with your child’s name on it.  

Kindergarten Registration 

Kindergarten Registration has begun for the 2022-2023 school year. Children who turn four or five years old during 2022 and live within our school boundary will be eligible to register for kindergarten. Registration information is available on the YRDSB website at Kindergarten Registration. All new kindergarten registrations will be done online this year. Please see the link or email our school office at for more information

French Immersion (FI) Registration 

French Immersion Registration for SK students starts this month. French Imme​rsion (FI) registration will take place from January 14 – February 4, 2022. For the 2022-23 school year, a French Immersion pre-recorded information session is now available to view at your convenience. 

FI Registration is not first-come, first-served. In order to streamline the registration process, parents or guardians of Senior Kindergarten students entering Grade 1 in 2022, and wishing to enroll in the FI Program, can email or call their home school office (where your child currently atte​​​nds) and declare their intention to register in FI. Please see the link for more information about registration – French Immersion Information.

Upcoming Dates!

Jan. 14: Online Kindergarten Registration Begins!

Jan. 14: Grade 1 French Immersion Registration Opens

Jan. 20: Dr. Jean Clinton Family Presentation: ““The Power of Connection: How Can We Support Our Kids & Ourselves in These Challenging Times?” Please email for the link

Feb. 4: PA day (no school)

Feb. 21:  Family Day

Your partner in learning,