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This Wednesday

We have two special events happening this Wednesday, September 30th at Wilshire.

First, we will be having our Annual Terry Fox Walk/Run. Classes will be going outside, one group at a time, to run or walk in honour of Terry. If you have not already, please consider donating at Thank you to Mrs. Bonura for organizing this even.

Also, Wednesday is Orange Shirt Day, which recognizes the Indigenous survivors of residential schools. The colour orange is connected to the experience of a little girl who went to her first day of school wearing a brand new orange shirt. Her shirt was taken away from her and she was forced to wear the school uniform instead. We honour all of the children who were sent to residential schools for their bravery. When we wear orange, we show that every child matters. We are encouraging all children to wear orange on Wednesday.

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Reminders from Wilshire

Hello Parents,

As we near the end of our second full week of school, just some reminders that will help everything run smoother here at Wilshire.

  1. Yom Kippur – Please remember that if you will be keeping your child home for Yom Kippur on Monday, you need to report it to the school through Edsby or by phoning the school. This can be done immediately and any time leading up to Monday. If you do not pre-report the absence, our Safe Arrival Procedures mandate that we must call parents to confirm that your child is safely at home with you. To avoid this disruption to your holiday, please pre-report the absence.

2. Extra Masks – We have many students each day coming to the office to get masks for a variety of reasons (e.g., they have forgotten it at home, it is dirty, they lost it, etc.). It is very helpful if students come to school with 3 clean masks in their backpacks. This way they have an extra if they need a replacement throughout the day and they do not need to miss instructional time to deal with this. Thank you!

3. Terry Fox Run – We will be having our annual Terry Fox Walk/Run on Wednesday, September 30. Classes will be going out individually to complete their Run. Please consider supporting this cause. Donating online to  The Terry Fox Foundation is fast and easy. Donors get a receipt immediately by email.  

1.    Go to

2.    Click “Terry Fox School Run”

3.    Click “Donate to a Student/School”

4.    Enter the name of your school and follow the prompts to donate

Your child may also choose to set up their own fundraising page by clicking the “Donate to a Student” button. Their page will connect automatically to our school’s fundraising page and they’ll receive a link to email friends and family to help them reach their fundraising goal. This is the 40th anniversary of Terry Fox’s run, and we hope that despite this unusual year, the Wilshire community will help us to support this worthy cause.

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Bicycle Safety

We have had many students riding their bicycles to school, which is great exercise. Unfortunately, our students are not always mindful of their own and others’ safety when riding. Our parking lot is very busy at the end of the day. Some students have been riding in a dangerous manner and at least one student was almost hit by a car yesterday when they rode into the middle of the intersection on Beverley Glen.

Please remind your children of the following safety rules when riding their bicycles. Any students who are repeatedly riding in an unsafe manner will have their parents notified and will be asked to keep their bicycles at home.

  1. Always wear your helmet when riding.
  2. Walk your bicycle until you leave school property. There are many adults and young children walking around and riding bikes in this crowded area is not safe.
  3. Walk your bicycle across intersections. Make sure that all traffic is stopped and you have seen the driver look at you and is aware that you are there.
  4. If you are riding on the street, be sure to ride along the edge of the road so that drivers can pass you.
  5. If you are riding on the sidewalk, be sure to go slowly near pedestrians and give them lots of space.
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Parking Lot Reminders

Parents and Guardians,

We would like to remind everyone of the procedures we have in place in our parking lot to ensure the safety of all students.  Please use the Kiss and Ride loop at the front of the school to drop off students.  Staff members are there to ensure that students get safely to the sidewalk and around to the school yard.  Please follow the directions of staff members who are working in the Kiss and Ride loop as they may need you to move forward or stop, depending on the traffic and the arrival of buses and vans that bring our students to school. When cars are stopped to drop off children in the Kiss and Ride loop, please do not pass them. This could be dangerous for children exiting their cars. For the safety of all of our children, please be patient!

The Staff parking lot is for staff members only.  Please do not park in the staff lot or drop students off there. We know that there is a great deal of congestion on Beverley Glen, but we ask for your patience.  Our staff members in the Kiss and Ride loop are working very hard and standing outside for a long time.  Please show them the respect that they deserve as they are working to keep your children safe.

We would encourage as many students as possible to walk to school, both for their health and to reduce the traffic congestion at the school.  If you wish to park your car and walk with your child to school, please do so on one of the side streets around the school.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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Letter to Families re: Switching Modes of Learning (Face to Face and Virtual)

Dear Families,

You should have received the letter below over the weekend. Please remember the deadline to complete the survey is Tuesday, September 22 at 7:00 PM. You should only complete the survey if you want to change your child’s current mode of learning (Face-to-Face vs. Online). Changes will not be permitted again until the end of January 2021.

Dear Families,
As we communicated on September 16, we are sharing a link to our ​School Model Change Request Form ​ for families requesting a ​change​ from our face-to-face learning model to Elementary Virtual School (EVS) learning model, or to change from EVS to face-to-face.
Only families requesting a school model change should complete this form.

School Model Change Request Form
This form will open Monday, September 21 at 8 a.m. and will close on ​Tuesday, September 22 at 7 p.m.

All requests will be considered and processed over the next few weeks as staff are deployed to meet the needs for both of our Elementary learning models.

Reduced cohort class size targets for our face-to-face model continues to be a priority.

Although we will attempt to meet all requests from our families, there may be some situations that cannot be accommodated based on staffing and program requirements. We will advise those families accordingly.

Families will receive a confirmation email that we have received your completed School Model Change Request Form within 24 hours of submitting this form.
If your child requires technology, families can make requests for devices and internet access ​by contacting their home school, who will then complete the request for technology on your behalf​. If you require further technical supports for board provided devices, please fill out the ​Student Tech Help​. Students who are new to the board, or have forgotten their Username or Password, should contact their “home school” office staff to retrieve their Username and Password. We will continue to send you updates and encourage you to visit the ​EVS Website​ for information as we continue to construct this new virtual learning environment for our students in YRDSB.

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Elementary School Model Change Requests

Dear Parents,

All families with students in a YRDSB elementary school should have received the following letter from Louise Sirisko, our Director of Education, earlier this week.

Please read over the information carefully. The request form will be sent to families on Monday and must be completed by 7:00pm on Tuesday September 22nd. This will be the last chance to request a change to or from the Elementary Virtual School until the end of January. Please fill out of the form even if you have given your name to the school for the Elementary Virtual School wait list.

Dear Families: Thank you for your support as we work through COVID-19 school reopening.  We recognize that some families are requesting a change in their school program model from face to face learning to virtual school or from virtual school to face to face.  On Monday, September 21, we will share a School Model Change request form for families requesting a change.  

Only families requesting a school model change will need to complete this form.  The form must be completed by Tuesday, September 22 at 7 p.m. to be considered. 

We had previously communicated an elementary transition time at the end of October. We have adjusted this to provide the opportunity now and the best continuity of learning for our students throughout the remainder of the term.  There will not be another opportunity to change program models before the end of January 2021. 

Due to the complexity of the pending reorganization and staffing, your child may be assigned a new teacher.
Staff will continue to work diligently to provide the best program for each child and to comply with the reduced cohort class size targets.  Please note, however, that there may be changes prior to September 30, 2020. The number of combined grade classes may increase and the number of students within each class may increase.
You will be informed of any changes to your child’s class placement or program model through the school principal. We thank you for your support, patience and cooperation.
Louise Sirisko Director of Education
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Registration Open for 2020-2021 Elementary

International and Indigenous Languages (IIL) Classes

Dear Families,

The International and Indigenous Languages (IIL) program provides elementary and secondary students with the opportunity to speak, read and write a new language or maintain heritage language and culture. Due to the pandemic, International and Indigenous Language classes for SK to Grade 8 students will take place online, not in the school buildings. Teachers will teach live language lessons in real time using Google Classroom to provide both synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities during the regularly scheduled language class. 

Lots of information is also available on our International and Indigenous webpages. To learn more about elementary programs, click on elementary programs. Below you will find information on how to register for elementary (SK to grade 8) language classes.

Elementary Program Registration

  • Refer to our revised brochure for the most up-to-date information about class start dates and times.
  • Online registration is available to YRDSB and NON-YRDSB students:

Or, to create a new Edsby account

NOTE: Use of a laptop or desktop is highly recommended. Edsby cannot support online registration from any mobile or tablet device.

More information on the elementary program and secondary credit program is available on our webpages. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (905) 884-2046 ext. 242 or email us at  Thank you for your interest in our programs.

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Wilshire School Start Up Package

Dear Parents,

Please see the attached PDF file for our School Start-up Package containing information about all of our policies, procedures and expectations. Please review them with your child(ren) to make sure we all share the same understanding.

This year, we will be trying to reduce the number of paper documents that are sent home as part of our efforts to reduce the spread of germs and viruses. Please anticipate more electronic communication this year as a result.

Thank you!

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Reporting Absences on Religious Holidays

Many of our families will be celebrating Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in the coming weeks.  If your child is going to be absent from school for either of these holidays, please make sure that you go into Edsby or call the school office to report your child’s absence. This can be done at any time.  If a student is away on a religious holiday and parents have not reported their absence ahead of time, we will still need to call parents to get confirmation on that day that they are safe at home.  You can avoid this disruption to your holiday by being sure to report the absence ahead of time.  Thank you!