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Wilshire Virtual Field Day Event

Dear Wilshire Families,

This past month, our junior and intermediate students missed their beloved track and field meets. While we may be missing exciting sprint finishes and record breaking jumps this year, there’s no reason why we can’t enjoy some friendly competition and fun physical activities as a community. To that end, we are excited to share with you Wilshire’s Virtual Field Day 2020!

Some of our amazing student leaders have been hard at work to bring us a virtual event that we can all participate in from our homes. We hope that students and their families will join us for a Wilshire Virtual Field Day event! Our Virtual Field Day will take place over the next week, starting today and wrapping up on Tuesday, June 23rd. To participate, please access the following links using your child’s GAPPS account. All the Field Day activities, the equipment list (items commonly found at home), and an electronic recording sheet are all available to you via these links. Participate in as many activities as you want (and as many attempts as you want) over the next week and record your personal bests as you improve! Remember to share your personal bests (honour system please!) via the shared Google Form by Tuesday, June 23rd so that your results can be tabulated. By the end of next week, we hope to share and celebrate the results of our record breaking participants!

We encourage all students to show their school spirit, get active, and have fun! Moreover, we hope that the whole family joins in to enjoy this week together. We will also have a Staff/Parent/Guardian Division, as well as a Wilshire-Alumni Division, so we hope that our community as a whole will participate by trying the activities, setting goals, and working towards achieving new personal bests!

Get ready, get set, GO!

Links for Wilshire’s Virtual Field Day:

Wilshire’s Virtual Field Day – Choice Board

Information about each activity and how to participate in this event. You can click links that are embedded in the Choice Board, and within each slide (including videos of how to play each event!).

Virtual Field Day – Score Card

Keep track of each participant’s progress and personal bests by printing this out or making a copy in GAPPS to fill in electronically.

Share Your Results! Google Form

Share your personal bests with the Committee so we can celebrate your progress!


Wilshire’s Field Day Committee

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Staff Departures

As we get nearer to the end of another school year, we want to acknowledge some of our staff members who will be leaving us for other opportunities next year.  Last week, we announced that Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Hersh will both be retiring at the end of this school year.  We are also pleased to announce that Mrs. Rajan has been promoted to the position of Vice Principal at Beckett Farms P.S. for September.  Mrs. Rajan has been an outstanding advocate for students in her role as Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT).  We thank her for all of her care and dedication and wish her all the best in her new role.  Mrs. Keslassy will be taking over the SERT position at Wilshire next year; she and Mrs. Rajan have already been collaborating to ensure a smooth transition for our students with special education needs next year.

We also want to announce that Ms. Tan will be leaving Wilshire at the end of this school year for a new position at Woodbridge P.S.  Ms. Tan has been a dedicated teacher and coach for many years at Wilshire, promoting the importance of active and healthy living.  We wish her good luck at her new school.

We must also say goodbye to our Office Assistant, Mrs. Kakish.  Mrs. Kakish will be moving on to H.G. Bernard P.S. in September.  She has been an invaluable member of the office team for the past two years and a great help to parents and students alike.  We will all miss her presence in the office.

Finally, we will also be saying goodbye to Ms. Khan, our Community Class teacher.  Ms. Khan has been with us for the last two years while Ms. Racioppo was on maternity leave.  We want to thank Ms. Khan for all of the care and effort she has put into working with her students.  We hope to see her back at Wilshire very soon.

Thank you and good luck to all of the staff members who are leaving us at the end of June.



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FAQ’s about Student Material Retrieval Process


Please don’t forget that Monday, June 15  and Tuesday, June 16 will be the days that the school is accessible for parents and students to come in and retrieve any belongings.  This will also be the time to return any school materials before the summer (library books, textbooks, musical instruments, etc.).  You must book a timeslot through Edsby as we can only allow one parent/student in each classroom at a time, for safety reasons. If you do not retrieve your items at this time, anything left behind will be disposed of.  This includes student work, artwork, clothing, etc.  We cannot store belongings until September as we will need to have the rooms entirely cleaned and set up for the new school year.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

  1.  I don’t have an Edsby account.  What do I do?    You most likely do have an account as you would have needed it to book parent-teacher interviews in the past, as well as reporting student absences.  Go to .  Click the “Forgot Password” password link.  You will receive an email that will allow you to reset and log in.  If that doesn’t work, please email our school email address: . Please do not call the school as there is no one in the office to answer your calls.

2.  I have multiple children in different classes.  Can we go to all of their classrooms at the same time?   No, for health and safety reasons, we can only have one parent/child in each class for each timeslot.  You must book a timeslot for each child.  Only one parent/child from each family can enter the school at a time.  If you are bringing multiple children to school, the other children can wait outside the front of the school while the parent and one child go to their classroom.  Mr. Barlow will be outside the school and will supervise any school-aged children that need to wait outside.  Please make other arrangements for younger siblings that are not yet school-aged.

3.  Are these appointments just to pick up belongings like shoes and jackets?  What about schoolwork the child has done?   These appointments are to pick up everything that belongs to the students, including schoolwork, artwork, notebooks, pencil cases, etc.  Teachers have taken the time to distribute any student work that they had to the students’ desks and cubbies so that they are ready to go home with the students next week.  Unfortunately, school work, notebooks, etc. that are not collected next week will be disposed of.

Note – when you come to the school, please bring a bag or bags to put all of the students’ belongings in.  You will not be able to sort through the desk to throw out papers, etc at school.  This must be done at home.  Teachers have already gone through the students’ desks to remove any items that belong to the school.

4. Can my child just get their belongings on their own?  Students in Grade 7 and 8 may go in and get their own belongings.  Students that are younger than Grade 7 must be accompanied by an adult if they are entering the school.

5. We have a laptop from the school so that my child can do their online work.  Do we have to return it next week?  Families are able to keep technology devices over the summertime.  You do not need to return them until the fall.

6.  I don’t have anything to pick up from the school, but we do have some library books to return. Do we still need to make an appointment?  No, if you are just returning items, you can bring them to the front of the school during the day on Monday and Tuesday.  Mr. Barlow and the office staff will be out front and can collect the items from you.  You only need to make an appointment if you need to go inside the school.

Thank you for your assistance.  We look forward to seeing families next week!


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“Cool Hats and Sunglasses” Day

Hey Wilshire!  Today is “Cool Hats and Sunglasses” Spirit Day.  Show off your style by decorating a hat or sunglasses to really express yourself.  Maybe you can show off your creativity by making your own!  Email a photo of yourself to to share your cool summer style.  We can’t wait to see your cool styles!

hat and sunglasses

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Grade 8 Graduates

Dear Grade 8 Parents,

As a school team, we know that this has been a difficult year for our Grade 8 students.  This was certainly not the experience that we had hoped for them to end their time at Wilshire and begin their transition to high school.

As communicated earlier in the spring, we still plan to hold a graduation ceremony in the fall once restrictions on group gatherings are lifted. Our school team has met to discuss awards and valedictorian and are proceeding as we normally would in that regard.  In the fall of 2019, we booked and paid a deposit on a banquet hall for the ceremony that has allowed us to defer our booking until Fall 2020.  More details on this ceremony will come in the future.

Our students and staff are working on a digital slideshow that will share photos and memories of our graduates along with messages from the staff.  Graduates will also be recognized with a banner outside of the school.  We have fast-tracked our Grade 8 sweatshirts order and hope to have them ready for students to pick up when they come to get their belongings next week.  We know that other schools that are not part of the York Region District School Board are recognizing graduates in other ways, such as lawn signs and car parades.  Due to issues with privacy, equity and safety, YRDSB schools are not able to participate in these activities.

At Wilshire, we are incredibly proud of our graduates and look forward to celebrating them in the fall.

Thank you for your understanding,

Cory Barlow




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“Work Your Brain” Wednesday

Hey Wilshire! It’s “Work Your Brain Wednesday”.  Can you solve the puzzle below?

Kindergarten to Grade 3:  Draw a picture to show the cows and chickens.

Grade 4 to 6:  Show all the possible combinations of cows and chickens.

Grade 7 and 8:  Use algebra to show how many cows and chickens are on the farm.

cows and chickensThank you to Ms. Pintzov for this week’s brainteaser.