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Reporting Absences in Edsby


If you know that your child will be away from school for a religious holiday, appointment, or vacation, please remember to help us out by reporting the absence through Edsby.  You can also call the school and report it to our Attendance Line.  This reduces the work for our office staff and saves you from receiving phone calls on the day of the absence.  Thank you for your assistance!

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Congratulations Junior Boys Basketball

Congratulations to our Junior Boys Basketball team who competed in the CEC West Region Tournament yesterday.  After several tough games, they were able to defeat all of their competition to become the West Region Champions!  The boys will now go on to play next week in the York Regional Finals.  Congratulations to all of the boys on their hard work and to Mr. Campoli and Mr. Best for their dedication to coaching the team!IMG_309757774912183__C9B43AC6-659B-40D6-83CB-06E4BFA35369

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International Day of Pink

Tomorrow Wilshire is joining students, staff and community members across YRDSB and the world in recognizing the International Day of Pink.  In doing so, we unite to celebrate our diversity and raise awareness that all forms of bullying and discrimination are wrong.  Everyone is encouraged to wear pink tomorrow!

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Spring Math – Math is Outside Too!

Spring and nice weather make for a great time to get outdoors and connect with math. Whether you are taking a walk, filling compost bags with leaves or starting to build that garden shed, there are many opportunities to engage in rich mathematical discussions with your child.

  • Here are some questions you can pose to your child as you engage with nature:

  • What shapes do you see in that house?

  • How tall do you think that tree is?

  • How far do you think we walked today?

  • How many piles of leaves do you think will fit into this bag?

  • How many ___ did you see on our walk?

  • How many windows do you think are in that building

  • How long do you think it will take us to walk one kilometer?

  • If we double our pace how long do you think it will take us to get home?

So the next time you spend some time outdoors with your child, take some time to engage in some math talk!

You may also be interested in reading a new article for parents written by Jo Boaler, Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University.

Developing Mathematical Mindsets, The Need to Interact with Numbers Flexibly and Conceptually