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Wilshire Library Learning Commons

Our students have had so many incredible learning opportunities through the month of June in our Wilshire Library Learning Commons. Check out a few highlights!

In June, we recognize Indigenous History Month. Students have had the opportunity to explore books and activities to grow their knowledge and celebrate the voices, culture, acheivements and history of Indigenous peoples across Canada.
Student VOTE! Students took the time to research and consider top issues (gas prices, EQAO, education, health care) and political parties affecting them as citizens. They also took part the election process!
 During Pride Month we focus on the belief of being proud of who you are and accepting others for who they are.  Some of our intermediate and primary students worked together to consider: What words might you use to make someone else feel loved and accepted?
Hide & Seek is fun, but our Kindergarten students have been playing a game that is way more exciting: HIDE & READ!