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Safety in the Bus Loop

The safety of our students and staff at morning arrival and afternoon dismissal is important to us! We encourage all families to use active travel, including walking to and from school.

If you must drive your child to/from school, for the safety of all, we are asking drivers to adhere to these simple rules for drop-off and pick-up:

  • If at all possible, drop your child off on a side street and have them walk the short distance to the school. Coldwater Court and Forest Lane Drive both have paths that go directly into the school yard so children can walk safely into the school and avoid the parking lot traffic and the traffic on Beverley Glen.
  • The parking lot on the West side of the school is for Staff Parking. It is not for student drop-offs in the morning or pick-ups in the afternoon. We have had more than one close call with children almost being hit by people backing up out of parking spots or pulling in at the end of the day. Please arrange another pick-up point with your child at the end of the day and use the Kiss and Ride at the front of the school for morning drop-off.

Here are reminders for parents who are using the Kiss and Ride area to drop off students. Please share this information with others who are responsible for dropping off or picking up your children:

  • Please pull up past the crosswalk and into the hatched marked “Kiss and Ride” area to drop off your child (one lane closest to the sidewalk and school).
  • Please make sure your child is ready to leave the car promptly and independently when you stop. They should already have their belongings in their hands so they can jump out quickly and not keep others waiting.
  • If you need to put your car in Park and get out to help your child, please pull into a parking spot to do this. The Kiss and Ride area is just for quick dropping off of children.
  • Please have your child(ren) exit from the passenger side of the car for their own safety.
  • If you are just dropping off, please don’t pull over to the side of the area. If you pull to the side, people will pass around you.
  • Please do not pass other cars in the Kiss and Ride area. Children could be getting out on the driver’s side and get hit. Please wait until you are past the Kiss and Ride zone to go around cars.
  • At PICK UP time, the Kiss ‘N Ride loop is ONLY used for bus and taxi pick up.  If you drive your car to pick up your child from school, you will need to park your car safely on the road.  Please obey the parking signs on the street and refrain from blocking the crosswalk. Please DO NOT park you car in the Kiss ‘N ride loop leave your car to pick up your child.
  • Do not make a three-point turn in front of school entrances, off Beverley Glen Blvd., or anywhere in the school’s “Kiss’N Ride” loop.

We recognize parking on the side streets is challenging with all the snow this week. Thank you in advance for valuing these safety protocols.