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Reminders from Wilshire

Dear Parents,

Please remember that students in Grades 4-8 should be coming to school with at least 2 masks that they can wear throughout the day. We have had more and more children coming to the office when school starts because they have forgotten their masks. Please also remember that all students should also bring a water bottle to school with them. The water fountains in the school are turned off this year and only the bottle refilling stations are available. It is important that the children are able to hydrate during the day and need a water bottle in order to do that. Thanks very much for your support in helping your children to remember to pack these important items.

As we see more and more spread of Covid-19 in our community, please remember to practice physical distancing and/or wearing masks when dropping off and picking up your children. We have observed many parents gathering in close contact with each other, particularly at the end of the day in our Kindergarten area. Even outside, the virus can spread when adults are close to each other and not wearing masks. For the safety of yourselves, your children and their teachers, we ask that you please practice appropriate preventative measures during drop-off and pick-up.

Thank you for your support!