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Parent Teacher Interviews

Dear Wilshire Parents,

Our Virtual Parent-Teacher Interviews will be conducted this evening and Friday morning. If you have not already signed up for a 15 minute interview block, the scheduler is now closed. You will need to contact the teacher directly and make arrangements for a phone interview at another time.

The teacher should provide you with a link or Room nickname to enter the Google Meet. Each parent only has 15 minutes and then another parent will be joining the Meet, so please keep your conversations concise. Should you need more time, please make arrangements with the teacher for a phone conversation at another time.

If you are having technical difficulties with the Google Meet, please email the teacher to let them know and arrangements can be made for a phone conversation at another time. Please do not call the school if you are having difficulties, as many of the teachers will be hosting their interviews from home and will not be accessible at the school.

Thank you!