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Dear Parents,

Fortnite is an online video game that has recently become very popular with our students. In the game, many of our students are communicating with each other and playing with and against each other. Unfortunately, we are seeing several negative consequences as a result of students’ preoccupation with this game. We have been made aware of several situations with students taking money or gift cards from each other in exchange for winning and losing in the game, or in exchange for buying items in the game. Students are getting pre-paid Visa gift cards from the store and using them to make purchases in the game or pay each other, usually without parent knowledge. This has also led to several conflicts between students here at school.

We want to make parents aware of some of the negative impacts of the game that we are seeing at school. If your child plays Fortnite, please have a conversation with them about gambling and the importance of not adding money to a game or giving money to or taking money from other children at school. Please also monitor your child’s use of the game and what kind of interactions they are having with others.

Thank you,

Mr. Barlow