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Bicycle Safety

We have had many students riding their bicycles to school, which is great exercise. Unfortunately, our students are not always mindful of their own and others’ safety when riding. Our parking lot is very busy at the end of the day. Some students have been riding in a dangerous manner and at least one student was almost hit by a car yesterday when they rode into the middle of the intersection on Beverley Glen.

Please remind your children of the following safety rules when riding their bicycles. Any students who are repeatedly riding in an unsafe manner will have their parents notified and will be asked to keep their bicycles at home.

  1. Always wear your helmet when riding.
  2. Walk your bicycle until you leave school property. There are many adults and young children walking around and riding bikes in this crowded area is not safe.
  3. Walk your bicycle across intersections. Make sure that all traffic is stopped and you have seen the driver look at you and is aware that you are there.
  4. If you are riding on the street, be sure to ride along the edge of the road so that drivers can pass you.
  5. If you are riding on the sidewalk, be sure to go slowly near pedestrians and give them lots of space.