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Arrivals and Dismissals at Wilshire

Dear Wilshire Parents,

We have had a great first couple of days back at school. Our staggered entry has allowed the teachers to work with smaller groups of students to help them adjust to our new safety procedures. All of our Grade 4 to 8 students have been cooperatively wearing their masks, though some have had difficulty as the masks are too big for them or are uncomfortable. Please check with your child to see how their mask has been working for them and if there might be a better option for them. Masks do come in different sizes. We want the mask to be as comfortable as possible so that they can wear it consistently while in the classroom.

Starting on Monday, when students arrive at school after 8:40, they can go directly inside the school and into their classrooms. We want to avoid having the students wait outside and line up so they are not gathering together.

At the end of the day, students are being dismissed on a staggered basis, starting at 3:05 and from different exits. Teacher will wait until their students have left the property or have joined their parents. Parents – while waiting for your children at dismissal, please model good physical distancing by staying 2 metres away from non-family members. We want to help the children understand that they can still be friendly while keeping a safe distance if they are not wearing their masks.

Thank you to all of our staff, parents, and students for getting us off to a great start to the 2020-2021 school year!