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Return to School Elementary Checklist

Dear Parents,

We know that there is some anxiety about students returning to school after so long away. Our educator team is excited to see our students again and want to do our best to get the year off to a positive start. In order to make students feel comfortable, over the first few days our teachers will be going over many of the new protocols that have been put in place to reduce physical contact between students and reduce the spread of germs and viruses.

On your child’s first day, their teacher will meet them outside. Kindergarten students will meet at the fenced-in Kindergarten area. Gr. 1 to 4 teachers will be on the tarmac area. Gr. 5 to 8 teachers will be on the soccer field. Once the students have been gathered, they will be brought into the school for the day.

At the end of day, the Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes will be dismissed at 3:10 from their external classroom door. The JK/SK doors are located in the Kindergarten area. The SK/1 and Grade 1 doors are located on the side of the school facing Beverley Glen Blvd. Teachers will keep the children until they see the parent and directly hand off the child to the parent.

**Please note: Our Grade 7 and 8 classes will be dismissed at 3:05 and will be asked to leave the property immediately unless they are waiting for a younger sibling. Our Grade 5 and 6 classes will be dismissed at 3:10, and our Grades 2 to 4 classes will be dismissed at 3:15. By staggering the dismissal, we hope to reduce crowding in the hallways and at the exits. Grade 7 and 8 students will be dismissed from the South East doors. Grade 2 to 6 students will be dismissed from the South West doors. Parents should wait at the appropriate tarmac area for their children to be dismissed.

After their first day, students will be able to enter the school any time after 8:40 in the morning and proceed directly to their classrooms.

More than ever, it is crucial that students stay home if they are not feeling well. Any students who exhibit symptoms of Covid-19 at school (Fever, New or Worsening Cough, Shortness of Breath, Sore Throat or Difficulty Swallowing, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Unexpected Runny Nose or Nasal Congestion) will be isolated from others until a parent can come and pick them up.

Please see the checklist below for an important Back to School checklist that includes information about Masks, Lunches, and School Supplies. At this time, we are asking that students not bring balls or other sports equipment to school. We will be providing equipment for recess play that will be sanitized after use.

Thank you!