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What Will My Child Need at School?

Dear Parents,

For those students who are attending school in person, we know that parents are starting to think about what their child will need with them when they start back at school.

Masks – Students from Grade 4 to 8 are required to wear non-medical or cloth masks to school. Students from Kindergarten to Grade 3 are encouraged, but not required to wear these masks.  Students who do not bring their own masks will be provided one by the school.   Consider bringing your child with you to pick out their masks.  They are more likely to want to wear the mask if it is comfortable and has a design that they like.  We suggest bringing multiple masks to school so that they can be changed partway through the day.  If possible, please label the masks with your child’s name so they aren’t mixed up with those of other students.  Plastic face shields are not a suitable replacement for cloth masks that cover the mouth and nose.

School Supplies – Students will need to have their own school supplies (pencil, pen, coloured pencils, scissors, ruler, glue stick) to avoid possible virus spread by sharing these items. If possible, students are encouraged to bring in their own set of school supplies in a pencil box or pencil case that can be kept in their desk or cubbie.  Students who do not bring in their own school supplies will be provided with supplies.

Water Bottles – Students are encouraged to bring in their own water bottle that can be filled at our fill stations. Please label the water bottle if possible.

Lunch Box / Thermos – Parents will not be able to drop off hot lunches during the school day. There also will not be a hot lunch program this year (e.g. pizza, Subway).  Students must bring their lunches and snacks with them to school.  There will be no access to a microwave for students to heat up their foods. Please start brainstorming now what types of foods you can send with your child that they will want to eat.  Consider purchasing a thermos that will keep hot food warm and a thermal lunch bag that can keep other foods and drinks cool.

Extra Clothes / Gym Shoes – Students are still encouraged to bring an extra set of indoor shoes/gym shoes that can be left at school. Younger students are encouraged to bring an extra set of clothes in case of accidents that can be stored in their backpack or cubbie.

Hand Sanitizer – Please DO NOT send students to school with hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the school for student use.  Personal hand sanitizers can result in issues with quality, fragrances, and management of potential hazards.

Cell phones / technology – Students are still not permitted to use cell phones or other technological devices unless they have been given permission by their teacher for a school-related activity. Cell phone use at recess, in hallways, or in washrooms is not permitted.  Student must use the phone in the office (which will be sanitized after use) if they need to call parents.  The school will not be responsible for any damaged or missing phones or tech devices that students choose to bring to school.