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Grade 8 Graduates

Dear Grade 8 Parents,

As a school team, we know that this has been a difficult year for our Grade 8 students.  This was certainly not the experience that we had hoped for them to end their time at Wilshire and begin their transition to high school.

As communicated earlier in the spring, we still plan to hold a graduation ceremony in the fall once restrictions on group gatherings are lifted. Our school team has met to discuss awards and valedictorian and are proceeding as we normally would in that regard.  In the fall of 2019, we booked and paid a deposit on a banquet hall for the ceremony that has allowed us to defer our booking until Fall 2020.  More details on this ceremony will come in the future.

Our students and staff are working on a digital slideshow that will share photos and memories of our graduates along with messages from the staff.  Graduates will also be recognized with a banner outside of the school.  We have fast-tracked our Grade 8 sweatshirts order and hope to have them ready for students to pick up when they come to get their belongings next week.  We know that other schools that are not part of the York Region District School Board are recognizing graduates in other ways, such as lawn signs and car parades.  Due to issues with privacy, equity and safety, YRDSB schools are not able to participate in these activities.

At Wilshire, we are incredibly proud of our graduates and look forward to celebrating them in the fall.

Thank you for your understanding,

Cory Barlow