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Phase 2 of “Learn at Home”

Good Morning Parents,

Phase Two of the province’s “Learn at Home” response to the COVID-19 pandemic starts today.  This involves teacher-directed learning for students while they are at home.  All of our classes have now been set up on Google Classrooms which will allow students to access lessons and assignments online from home.

This is a work-in-progress with teachers trying to do their best to deliver the big ideas of the curriculum to students in a manner that is certainly not ideal.  Please be patient as we work through the process.  Please also feel free to give teachers feedback if there are any difficulties, so that they can better meet the needs of your children at home (of course, positive feedback for their efforts is always appreciated too!).

For those families who indicated that they need technology support, or students who have special education technology assigned to them, the school board is working through the process of gathering the technology, cleaning it and distributing it to students who need it.  Please be patient as this will take some time, but will be done as quickly as safely possible.

Students – please try your best to do the assignments that the teachers have provided to you.  The work you do now will help you to progress so that you will be caught up with your classmates when you return to school.  Teachers will be looking at the work you submit and giving you feedback on the things you’ve done well and how you can improve.  We know that being taught online isn’t the same as working in a classroom.  Therefore, any work you do from home will not count against you or lower your final grade.  However, it can help you to raise your final mark if you demonstrate improvement.  Try your best and communicate with your teacher if you are having difficulty!

Stay safe and good luck as we enter Phase 2 of Learn at Home.