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Reminders from Wilshire

As we begin our last week before the March Break, we have some important reminders for parents:

  1. As we saw from the Amber Alert incident in Toronto last week, accurate taking of school attendance is critical for ensuring student safety. It is very important that if you know your child is going to be away from school that you report it through Edsby or by calling the school at 905-889-6767 (“Inform”).  The more unreported absences that we have, the more likely it is that an error could occur.  If you are reporting an absence after 8:55 for that day, you need to call and speak to one of our Office Assistants directly or enter it electronically in Edsby.  Thank you for helping us to ensure the safe arrival of all students to school.
  2. Our Gradual Morning Entry procedures that were in place for the winter months will be ending as of March Break. Beginning on March 23, students will remain outside in the back yard of the school until 8:55 when school begins for the day.  Staff will be on duty beginning at 8:40 to supervise students in the school yard.  Please do not drop off or send your children to school before 8:40 as there is no supervision for them and they cannot enter the school.
  3. Students arriving to school after 9:00 need to make sure they check in at the office and get a late slip to bring to their teacher. This will avoid the confusion that occurs when a student arrives at school after their teacher has already submitted the attendance.
  4. In efforts to be eco-friendly, we do not supply disposable spoons and forks to students. If you are choosing to send a lunch to school that requires a spoon or fork, please make sure you send along the necessary utensils to eat it.  We are encouraging students to keep a reusable spoon in their lunch bag that they can take home, wash, and reuse as needed.

Thank you for your assistance.  We hope everyone has a great March Break!