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Halloween at Wilshire


On Thursday, October 31st, the Wilshire School Council will be sponsoring a Halloween Dance for all students.  Students will attend the dance in groups throughout the day:

Kindergarten – 9:45

Grade 1-3 – 11:00

Grade 4-6 – 11:45

Grade 7-8 – 1:40

Students are welcome to wear costumes on this day as long as they are not wearing masks, fake blood/gore and are not carrying any “weapons”.  Students may choose to wear black and orange on that day instead of a costume.  We would encourage parents not to send anything valuable on that day that could get broken or dirty throughout the course of the day.

At the dance, snacks and drinks will be on sale.  Candies, chocolate bars, juice boxes and water will be on sale for $1.  Bags of chips will be on sale for $2.

Thank you!