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EarlyON Child Centres

EarlyON Child and Family Centre specializes in early literacy and drop in play for parents and caregivers with children from birth to 6 years old.

The nearest EarlyON Centre to Wilshire Elementary School is the EarlyON Centre in Charlton Public School. The programs are free-of-charge for children ages 0 – 6 years old. While held at Charlton Public School in Thornhill, the program is open to all families with children ages 0 – 6 years old. The location of the EarlyON Centre is 121 Joseph Aaron Blvd., Thornhill, ON L4J 6J5. Parents can register by calling 905-709-6159. Two programs have just started this week at Charlton Public School and the program descriptions are provided in the attached flyer, known as Parent-Child Mother Good Program and Circle of Play.

EarlyON Centres offer the following types of programs:

  • Early learning and literacy programs for parents and their children
  • Parenting programs that support parents and caregivers of young children in all aspects of early child development
  • Information and workshops for new parents about parenting
  • Information and referral for children’s services and programs

Please feel free to share this information with any parents of pre-school aged children.EarlyON @Charlton-page-001EarlyON @Charlton-page-002