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Online Math Support for Students

At Wilshire this year, we are pleased to be partnering with TVOntario to support our students in their math education with two online platforms (see brochures below).  MPower is an online game for students in K-6 that is based on the Ontario Curriculum and helps students develop their number sense and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way.  All students from Grade 1 to 6 have been set up with an MPower account and password that can be used at school or at home.  Contact your child’s teacher if your child has not brought home their username and password.

Mathify is a program for Grade 7-10 students that allows them to communicate with an online certified math teacher to support them with math homework.  All Gr. 7 and 8 students have been provided with a Mathify account and have been shown how to use the program.

Please encourage your children to use these programs to help them develop their math skills and promote greater math achievement.TVO mPower One Pager 2019-1Update Mathify One Pager Summer 2019-1