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School Council Fundraising Letter

A hard copy of the following letter is being sent home with students this week.  Thank you in advance for your  support!



Dear Wilshire Elementary School Families:

It is time again for our annual fundraising drive. This is one of our best (and simplest) fundraising efforts for our school! Over the last 7 years we have raised around $24,500 with this campaign.

Did you know…

  • That School Council supports ongoing maintenance of the kindergarten play area?
  • That School Council pays for lice checks to put our minds at ease?
  • That School Council helped to pay for 45 new Chromebooks last year for student use?

This year we would like to use the funds to support the achievement and well-being of Wilshire students. We will use direct funding to support:

  • Continue to increase classroom technology
  • Continued funding for lice checks and playground enhancements
  • Continue to fund trips and agendas for families in need

This year we are striving for 100% participation. We would like to encourage each family to make any donation they are comfortable with. No amount is too small! A tax receipt will be provided for donations of $25.00 or more. When making your donation decision, please remember the following:

  • Pay Online, register click on “Make a Donation”. You will require your child’s student number to log in (A tax receipt will be mailed to you directly from our school board)  or
  • Write a cheque – please make payable to “Wilshire Elementary School”. Please note that we will need your cheque by October 30th for you to get a tax receipt by the end of February 2020
  • Please do not send cash

Thank you in advance for considering a donation.

School council, staff and students appreciate your support.

There are many ways to support Wilshire’s students. Come out to School Council meetings, share your ideas and get involved! Our first meeting is Thursday October 3rd at 7:00pm.


If you are sending a cheque please complete below and return in an envelope to Wilshire E.S. A Tax Receipt will be issued by Wilshire E.S. for donations of $25.00 or more and will be sent home with your child by the end of February 2020.

Student’s Full Name ____________________________________ Teacher ____________

Name for Tax Receipt _______________________________________________________

Address and Postal Code ____________________________________________________

Amount of Donation Enclosed $100 ____ $50 ____ $25 ____ Other ______