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Dress Code Reminders

As the weather starts to get warmer, we want to remind students and parents about our school dress code and expectations of appropriate and safe clothing.  This can be found in the start-up package that was sent home for review in September:

“Appropriate Dress defines a standard of dress that meets the school community’s expectations of modesty and decency and promotes a safe and respectful learning environment.

A reasonable standard of dress and language which identifies school as a place of dignity and learning is required at all times. Wearing of clothes which contain “put downs”, offensive symbols and inappropriate messages displayed or implied are deemed unacceptable for a school setting. The manner of dress and language should be appropriate for a formal school setting.  If a student’s clothing is deemed inappropriate, he/she will be asked to change. Bare midriff, tank tops or tops with thin bra-like straps (underwear must be covered) are not permitted in grades K-8.  Parents/Guardians may be notified to either pick up their child or bring in a change of clothing.

As a sign of respect, please be advised that all headgear (except for religious purposes) is to be removed before entering the school building.”

In addition, we have reminded students that, for safety, students must wear closed-toed shoes, such as running shoes.  Flip-flops and sandals can be a safety hazard so we ask that those not be worn to school.

Thanks for your cooperation.