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Welcome Back and Reminders

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable March Break.

Just some reminders as we get back into our regular routines:

  • Supervision starts at 8:40.  There are no staff on duty before 8:40 so students should not be arriving at school before then, unless they have made prior arrangements with a teacher for extra help or a sports practice.  When students arrive before the 8:55 bell, they need to go around to the back schoolyard until the bell rings.  During the extreme cold weather, we had students come in early, but hopefully those cold temperatures are finished for this school year.
  • Kindergarten students need to be escorted to the fenced-in area at the back of the schoolyard.  Classroom staff are on duty there from 8:40-8:55 to supervise Kindergarten students who have been dropped off.  Please do not bring Kindergarten students through the front doors unless they are late for school.
  • Adults are reminded that they must check in at the office before walking through the school.  Visitors will be given a visitor sticker.  This is for the safety and security of all of your children. The daycare doors are for dropping students off in the daycare program only.  Please do not use the daycare to access entry to the school.
  • While the weather is warming up, we are still going to have some cold temperatures.  Please make sure that all children come dressed to go outside for two recesses each day.  Unless we have extreme cold/hot temperatures or rain, students will be going outside.

Thanks for your cooperation in following these routines so we can ensure the safety and security of all students!