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Blue Mountain Wilshire Grade 8 Graduation Trip

IMG_5915.JPGWe recently went on our graduation trip to Blue Mountain. Our day consisted of various riveting activities, including the Apex Bagjump, Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster, Woodlot Low Ropes Course, and the Wind Rider Triple Zips. Upon boarding the coach buses, we were split into 3 groups (with our friends, of course), which each had their own schedules. This way, we were organized once we arrived, and could get started right away.

Group A began with the Apex Bagjump. It’s a series of ledges that overlook large inflated bags, each ledge at an increasing height. We were required to all start with the shortest ledge for qualification, which was only a few feet high. From there, you can decide from the 4 different heights which one you’d like to jump from. The highest, ledge 4, is a 21.5 foot jump, including a rush of thrill on the way down!

Following the Bagjump was our 1 hour lunch break, where we had time to walk around the Blue Mountain Village with our friends. Blue Mountain was a first for a lot of us, so it was exciting seeing all of the cozy cottages and different scenic lakes located throughout the village. Some people even went hiking up the mountain!

After lunch, we headed over to the Woodlot Low Ropes Course, which was a 2-level balancing course. Starting off with the lower level, with fairly easy obstacles, then up to the high level, where it got a little harder! We had to do things like walk across a thin log (don’t worry, we were harnessed in), make our way across a cargo net, and find our balance across annoyingly swinging platforms. We had to use our minds to think of the best way across, and also the fastest, so we don’t slow everyone behind us down!  As hard as it sounds, it was an incredible experience, and was great for problem solving.

Next, it was time for the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster! The Ridge Runner was a fun way to see the mountain (plus the incredible view), but also to enjoy a fast ride down. The coolest thing about it was that the speed was controllable! We had the option to go fast, slow, or moderate, which was convenient. Also, we got to ride it twice! It was such a fun and unique coaster, that was enjoyable for everyone.

Afterwards, we got harnessed and hiked up to the Wind Rider Triple Zips. It’s 50 feet from the ground, and we zipped down with 2 other people. After stepping off the platform’s ledge, it almost seemed as if we were flying. Everyone below us seemed tiny! The rush was amazing, and it was really cool to be zipping with our friends parallel to us.

Later, we ate our dinner at a restaurant called Copper Blues. After our bruschetta appetizers, we could choose from burgers, pizza, fish and chips, and chicken fingers, for our entrée. The food was great, and once we were finished, we had more free time before the buses arrived to pick us up. 

After saying our final goodbyes to the beautiful village and taking a bunch of group photos, it was time to head back home. One bus even did karaoke battles! Around 9:30, we arrived back at Wilshire and waited for our parents to pick us up.

The trip was such an amazing experience, and had so much to offer for everyone. Nobody was ever bored, and we all wanted to stay for longer! We really appreciate the kindness of the intermediate teachers and the office staff for planning such an awesome grad trip. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it couldn’t have been better.IMG_5913.JPG