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Wilshire Proud & September School 1st Day Reminders!

WES First Day Reminder!

Wilshire Elementary School

We would like to take an opportunity to wish all our Wilshire families a very safe and enjoyable summer with family and loved ones.  It has been another exciting year filled with many accomplishments and memories.  We continue to strive to build a welcoming, safe and inclusive school community.  Some of our most proud moments were Athletics, Band Performances,  achieving ECO-Gold status again!, Arts Night Celebration, Story Telling Festival, many charity initiatives and our academic achievement progress in developing a Math Learning Growth Mindset for everyone! All of these make Wilshire Proud!

The school year begins on Tuesday September 8, 2015.  Students are asked to congregate at the rear of the school where they will be met by the staff.  Parents and guardians will be invited to join the students on the tarmac to see who their child(ren)’s teacher is/are.  (On the first day, students in JK attend for the…

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