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SOLID GOLD WILSHIRE receives Gold Again for Eco-Initiatives!

Eco Seal

Ontario EcoSchools is an environmental education and certification program for grades K-12 that helps school communities develop both ecological literacy and environmental practices to become environmentally responsible citizens and reduce the environmental footprint of schools.

We are proud to announce that Wilshire has gained GOLD status for our eco efforts. Our eco club worked hard throughout the year to achieve GOLD! We learned that if everyone pitches in, we can make a global difference. The eco-club is a great way to get students involved in helping the planet and as a school we have succeeded. Some of the eco-initiatives we have accomplished this year are Litter-less Lunch Wednesdays, 20-Minute Makeover, monthly classroom garbage and recycle checks, monthly classroom lighting checks, energy conservations speaker and so many more! All if the activities allowed Wilshire to not only win Gold, but become more aware of our environment!

Thank-You from the ECO-Team