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Blue Mountain Trip – Grade 8 Memories!

On Thursday June 4th, the graduating class of 2015 went on an unbelievable day trip to Blue Mountain. Blue Mountain was an incredible trip full of fun activities throughout the whole day. We first drove via coach bus, for me that was a great experience. When we arrived at Blue Mountain we were put into groups based on the activities that we chose. We had to pick from two groups of activities.  In one of the activities we did a guided bike ride, rock climbing, zip lining, low ropes, and mini golf. If you were in activity two you had the option to do rock climbing, mini golf, pottery, and a compass challenge around the village. All in all the activities were amazing to participant in, no matter which option you picked. However, the day was not done yet. After we ate lunch in the village and finished all of our activities we had a wonderful dinner with the teachers and the students. The dinner included a choice of cheese or pepperoni pizza, caeser salad, and drinks. After dinner we had some time to walk around the village with our friends. Finally we got back on the coach bus, and headed back to Wilshire where our family and friends were waiting for us to return. Blue Mountain was an awesome day filled with outdoor adventure with our fellow classmates and teachers. Wilshire’s grad trip is definitely a day to be remembered.

rock climbing               bike riding