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Wilshire E.S. ECO Initiative: Litter-less Lunch Wednesdays Begin!

Eco Initiatives at Wilshire!

At Wilshire Elementary School, we care about our environment! As part of our Eco-initiative, we are excited to introduce Wednesdays as Litterless Lunch Wednesdays.

What is a Litter-less lunch?

It is a lunch that creates NO waste! A litter-less lunch encourages the use of reuseable containers and helps to reduce waste production.

What to Choose… What to Avoid…
Move towards a more permanent solution by choosing:

·         reusable lunch bag

·         stainless steel water bottles

·         thermoses

·         reusable plastic containers

·         reusable utensils

When possible, refrain from using:

·         plastic bags

·         shopping bags

·         plastic utensils

·         aluminum foil

·         drinking pouches

Please note: If you do bring non-reusable items, please make sure they are recyclable, like drinking boxes, cardboard and pop cans.

Please see select this link for more information on the $benefits$ of Going Green!   Litterless Lunch Benefits