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Dear Wilshire Elementary School Families:

It is time again for our annual fundraising drive.  This is one of our best (and simplest) fundraising efforts for our school!  Over the last four years we have raised nearly $12,500 with this campaign.  The York Region District School Board matched the funds we raised for technology, so in fact we have brought in double that amount to our school.

  • Please note we need your cheque by November 28, 2014 for you to get the tax receipt by the end of February 2015 for you to use in this calendar year

Did you know…

  • That School Council pays for agendas for our students?
  • That School Council supports ongoing maintenance of the kindergarten playground area?
  • That School Council bought board games for every classroom last year?
  • That School Council pays $1,500 for lice checks three times a year to put our minds at ease?
  • And that last year we were able to double the amount of time Michael Waxman, a JF&CS social worker (, could spend in our school support our students and families?

This year we would like to use the funds to directly enhance the health and well being of our students at Wilshire. We will direct funding to support:

  • An additional half day for Michael Waxman, a JF&CS social worker, so he can support children one-on-one and run group sessions for students and parents
  • Continued support for lice checks to be done twice a year

This year we are striving for 100% participation.  We would like to encourage each family to make any donation they are comfortable with.  No amount is too small!  A tax receipt will be provided for donations of $25 or more.  When making your donation decision, please remember the following:

  • This is in lieu of running several smaller fundraisers asking you to purchase chocolate bars, greeting cards, magazines, etc…
  • Write a cheque – please do not send cash

Thank you in advance for considering a donation.

School Council, staff and students appreciate your support.

Please select the link for the donation form – School Council Fundraising Letter