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Litterless Lunch Wednesdays!

Eco-Club Initiative

Wilshire E.S cares about the environment! As part of our eco-initiative, we would like Wednesdays to be Litterless Lunch Wednesdays. A litterless lunch means that all students should pack their lunches in containers that can go home and be re-used rather than throwing away wrappers, which is going to consume waste.

Choose a permanent waste free packing solution, such as: reusable lunch bag, stainless steel water bottles, thermoses, reusable plastic containers, and reusable utensils.

Avoid: plastic bags, shopping bags, plastic utensils, aluminum foil and drinking pouches.

If you do bring non-reusable items make sure they are recyclable, like drinking boxes, cardboard and pop cans.

Litterless Lunch Wednesdays