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Welcome Back and Reminders

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable March Break.

Just some reminders as we get back into our regular routines:

  • Supervision starts at 8:40.  There are no staff on duty before 8:40 so students should not be arriving at school before then, unless they have made prior arrangements with a teacher for extra help or a sports practice.  When students arrive before the 8:55 bell, they need to go around to the back schoolyard until the bell rings.  During the extreme cold weather, we had students come in early, but hopefully those cold temperatures are finished for this school year.
  • Kindergarten students need to be escorted to the fenced-in area at the back of the schoolyard.  Classroom staff are on duty there from 8:40-8:55 to supervise Kindergarten students who have been dropped off.  Please do not bring Kindergarten students through the front doors unless they are late for school.
  • Adults are reminded that they must check in at the office before walking through the school.  Visitors will be given a visitor sticker.  This is for the safety and security of all of your children. The daycare doors are for dropping students off in the daycare program only.  Please do not use the daycare to access entry to the school.
  • While the weather is warming up, we are still going to have some cold temperatures.  Please make sure that all children come dressed to go outside for two recesses each day.  Unless we have extreme cold/hot temperatures or rain, students will be going outside.

Thanks for your cooperation in following these routines so we can ensure the safety and security of all students!


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Wilshire Food Drive

Thank you to all of our families who donated non-perishable items to our Food Drive.  Thanks to your generosity, we were able to collect over 1150 items to deliver to the Food Bank and support our community.  Congratulations to Mrs. Dogan’s class who collected the most items.  Thank you also to Mrs. Dogan’s class for being the organizers of this excellent campaign.

We wish everyone a very safe and relaxing  March Break.  See you on March 18th!

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Online Safety for Children

Dear Families,


As you may be aware, there has been recent media attention on an Internet challenge that may cause concern for families. The Internet provides access to many engaging learning opportunities, but requires responsible use and digital citizenship. Parents play an important role in ensuring their child’s safety, including on the Internet. It’s important for parents to talk to children about the importance of being safe, protecting their personal information and stressing that they should never disclose personal details that would allow someone online to contact them in real life.

Here are 12 tips to promote safe online behaviour:

  • Children should never give anyone their name, address, telephone number, computer password, or any other personal information on the Internet without parental or guardian consent.
  • Children should only use social media and websites approved by their parent or guardian.
  • Internet use should be encouraged in a central place in your home where you can supervise children’s online activities.
  • Don’t allow a webcam in a child’s bedroom.
  • Watch for children quickly minimizing sites when you enter the room.
  • Reinforce that people online may not be who they say they are.
  • Consider using parental controls like Internet filters or blocking software.
  • Remind children that everything said online stays in cyberspace forever, whether or not it is deleted.
  • Talk to your children about Internet safety and clearly define your rules.
  • Never respond to messages that make them feel confused or uncomfortable.
  • Pay attention to the games your children may download or copy.
  • Never arrange a face-to-face meeting with someone they meet online.

Reinforce a sense of safety. Some Internet content can evoke a sense of fear or lack of safety in your child. It can be difficult for some children to discern fact / fiction online. Try to offer reassurance that your child is safe. Children and youth take their emotional cues from the significant adults in their lives. Your reactions can help to model calmness to your child. Recognize that some children may be concerned about something bad happening to themselves, family or friends. Explain to them the safety measures in place and reassure them that you and other adults will take care of them.

Be a good listener and observer. Let children guide you to learn how concerned they are or how much information they need. If they are not focused on the issue, do not dwell on it. However, be available to answer their questions to the best of your ability. Young children may not be able to express themselves verbally. Pay attention to changes in their behaviour or social interactions.

Reach out. Reach out to the school if you feel that your child may be showing a significant reaction to online material. We may be able to offer some classroom strategies that could help reduce stress. It may also be important to seek additional support from a school mental health professional (i.e., social worker or psychologist) to cope with overwhelming feelings experienced by children and youth.


Mr. C. Barlow


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Message From Our Trustee

Message From Our Trustee

 I hope everyone has had a great start to the second half of the school year. Over the past few months, I have had an opportunity to connect with families, students, staff members and with our broader community. I have seen a lot of exciting opportunities for students to explore their interests, celebrate their identities, and develop skills and knowledge that will benefit them in the future.

Many students are participating in skills competitions or other events where they problem-solve, innovate, collaborate and further develop their technical skills. Students compete in robotics, construction, hairdressing, transportation, 3D animation and much more. These events are among the many options available to help students explore different careers and pathways, and gain valuable experience. We are grateful for the support of community partners in helping to provide these great learning opportunities to our students.

I also want to express my appreciation to our broader school community. One of the priorities in our Multi-Year Strategic Plan is to build collaborative relationships. The relationships that our schools have with families is so important. There are many different ways you can be involved – talking to your child’s teacher, asking your child about homework, or volunteering on a field trip or the school council. Your contributions make a difference to your child’s success and to the success of our schools.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable March Break.

David Sherman